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Course: The Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci — Dr. Jonathan Pevsner
Masters in Liberal Arts
Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
John Hopkins University

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s legacy continues to do what the master did in life. Explore. Experiment. Discover. Challenge. Create. Entertain. His life has given rebirth to new thoughts for each generation that has followed. …

Lame but catchy headings work. In today’s information overload, there better be more than a provocative label that convinces us to invest even if just a few minutes.

Let me earn your reading trust first with the ‘Why’.

We (must) care about how we feel at work. Not just because of the influence on productivity. Not just because of the impact on our ability to achieve our full human capacity. But because we bring our work feelings home.

We don’t park our work sentiments in the garage — we plough them through our everyday personal conversations. We don’t hang our…

What Ghalib May Have Wanted To Teach Future Business Leaders

A short history lesson. Ghalib was an early 19th century Urdu and Persian poet. Of Central Asian heritage, he lived in present day India/Pakistan during great political upheaval. Ghalib was cursed with life’s tragedies. An orphan at an early age. Lost all seven of his children in their infancy. Although born in nobility, he fought against life-long financial hardships. A person of acute observation, the surrounding social corruption and the erosion of religious thought pained him.

Ghalib’s pain became a legendary set of poetry written.

Let’s read a few of my favorite verses with modern tongue-in-cheek twists to have an…

I wanted to raise the Wimbledon trophy and claim my tennis stardom. I also wanted to be a fighter pilot. A writer. A PGA champion. A globe-trotting travel journalist. A performer at the World Salsa Congress. A CEO. A family man.

Before I thoroughly disappoint you, this article has no secret recipe to perform all of the above in a single lifetime. If you find that book, add a comment below.

Whatever my ambitions (and there are many) the challenge had always taken the shape of a twisted pendulum. That oscillated between life’s various priorities all competing for the same…

What Holds Back Innovation To Take Off Within The Public Sector?

Let’s acknowledge a couple of facts, so we can carry on.

First, there is plenty of innovation taking place in the public sector. From the adoption of cloud to smart cities movement to advanced data analytics and several other use cases.

Second, the public sector is fortunate to have at its disposal smart and motivated talent that typically joins a career in the public service to make a meaningful societal impact.

This article is not meant to bash government. Far from it, as a public servant myself, I have led and see others lead innovation first hand in government.


(Graduate research work at The John Hopkins University)


Some say Consommé and Turducken are two of the toughest recipes to master. The first requires fine simmering techniques “to bring impurities to the surface for skimming” leaving behind a clear soup from meat, tomatoes, and egg whites. The second is “whole turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken, hence the name tur(key)duck(chick)en”(1). Any chef would be pleased to proudly display either and dare not attempt to mix both.

The revered founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak (1469–1539)(2) decided to take on one such challenge of a far greater magnitude. Only this…

Book Covers, source: Wikipedia

(Graduate research work at The John Hopkins University)

Removing the Myth Off This Mythical Masterpiece

At first glance, Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel set, Boxers & Saints(1), may be perceived a ‘fun, ‘easy-to-consume’ fiction narrative of the very real Boxer Rebellion that took place around the year 1900. Some may be quick to dismiss it as fit for a younger age audience, as this book secured a finalist spot in the National Book Awards 2013 for Young People’s Literature(2), and given it is a recommended reading for high school AP English Literature. …

(Graduate research work at The John Hopkins University)

Just Another Action Flick?

Perhaps a more accurate name for the Netflix 3-season TV series Fauda (Arabic word meaning ‘chaos’) that portrays the age-old Middle Eastern tragedy may have been Tadarub (Arabic word roughly translated as ‘inconsistency/discrepancy’). In this paper, I will use sample situations from the various episodes, as well as bring in the critical commentary Fauda has received to demonstrate the inconsistencies of this thoroughly entertaining production on the political discourse. …

(Series of stories inspired by real events)

“Salam, I’m up!”, Salman exclaimed back to his father.

Like clockwork every morning at 6 am, his father would stick his neck into the boys' room that Salman shared with his younger brother, Rehan. Always looking to impress his father, Salman would make a point of acknowledging him.

Weekdays in Salman’s household followed a set routine.

Mother would be the first one to wake up. Deeply religious, she would get ready for the morning prayers. Offered before dawn, his mother would first wash. An activity that took longer than the prayer itself. She…

Saad B

I am inspired by those who are able do so much more with so less…

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